5 reasons you should consider a summer holiday in the snow


When many people think of vacations, they picture the sun, the beach, and a fruity iced cocktail in their hand. When the holiday season is approaching people tend to look at all-inclusive resort trips to work on their tan, a warm opportunity to complete a beach-read with their toes in the sand, and to soak up all of the vitamin D they can before heading back to their regular (and often lacklustre) daily routine. But what is with the fascination with beachy-themed holidays? A holiday in the snow can be just as fun (and just as beneficial) as a holiday in the sand. Here are five reasons to consider changing your mindset about booking a holiday in the snow.

1) Price

While everyone is scouring the internet in a desperate attempt to escape the “norm” and sit under the burning rays of the sun, travel websites, hotel chains and airlines are fully aware of the demand. This drives up the price of a sunny holiday, making it more economically responsible to look elsewhere for a vacation. Why not escape to a ski holiday and save yourself a few pounds?

2) Hot vs cold

Escaping heat for an even hotter climate makes very little sense. Working on your tan seems important, yes. But at what cost? Sweat? Sun rash? Sunburn? Switching it up and treating your body to the colder temperature of a ski holiday is the perfect chance to recalibrate your body for the hot temperatures at home.


3) Stay active

When vacationing on a beach, there are some (but few) physical activities available to you and your loved ones. Horse-back riding. Surfing. Yoga. These are all lovely, but you might be looking for a holiday that breaks more of a sweat and maintains that lean physique you have been working on all year round. Skiing is the perfect physical activity to maintain good heart health, work on balance and coordination, and burn those muscles (even in the colder weather) – and it only costs approximately £89 per day for ski hire and lift passes in Europe.

4) Food and drink

One of the biggest complaints of those going on holiday in a warmer climate is the food and drink. While it may be tasty, sometimes it doesn’t sit well in the tummy. Between poor water conditions, heat sickness and questionable alcohol, this can completely ruin a trip. But vacationing on a ski holiday, you will be treated to the best in dining, comfort foods, and alcohol that will warm you from the inside out… All while not having to battle natural elements.


5) Cosy

If being outside in the cold becomes boring after a while, that’s okay. Ski lodges are well-equipped with warm, comfortable amenities that suit everyone’s needs. You can curl up beside a fireplace with a good book. Or attend a lovely spa and choose from a variety of spa packages. Or maybe your taste is more suited for watching others participate in physical activities, all with hot cocoa or glass of wine in your hand.

Whatever your preferences are, why not give a summer holiday in the snow a try?

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