The best apps for travellers in 2020

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Recent years have seen technology become increasingly integrated into our travel. Reports show that over 60% of us prefer booking our travel through our phones, and it’s not just the booking process that technology now dominates. From the weather, to maps, to cheaper accommodation and guides to attractions off the beaten path – apps are here to make our trips more organised, simplified and more enjoyable. This article explores some of the best apps that travellers will find useful in 2020.


The aim of this app is to help travellers stay safe in the sun. This is especially useful, considering that more and more of us are becoming increasingly aware of our health and the potential damage that can be caused by the UV rays. UVLens provides you with a live UV report anytime, anywhere. This will help travellers plan the best times to be outside, especially in more exposed areas when hiking or swimming. The app also will help you find out your burn risk, with a personalised recommendation for how long you should be spending in the sun. It will also recommend you the minimum factor of sunscreen to wear for that specific day.


Mobile Passport

The mobile passport app allows travellers to save time during the entry process into airports and cruise ports. Unfortunately, this app is only currently an option for US Citizens and Canadian visitors into America, as it only works at major US airports and ports. However, as this technology is set to become more popular in 2020, keen travellers should look out for the Mobile Passport to expand to their country or a similar app to emerge that will work for them.


Telegram is an app that will be incredibly useful for travellers who want to communicate when abroad. Telegram refers to itself as the new era of messaging, giving users an incredibly private messaging platform, with speedy messages and cloud storage that allows you to access your messages from any device. This means that travellers can connect from the most remote locations, send any type of document, and store all their media in the cloud. Telegram is a great option for travellers who want to keep family up to date on their travels or stay in touch with fellow travellers in the case of an emergency.


GasBuddy is a simple app that will allow you to quickly check the prices of gas in your vicinity and find the gas station with the cheapest prices. This is great for travellers who plan on using a car throughout their adventures, especially for those who have established a budget and are trying to save.

navigate your jouney


Komoot is here to support every traveller’s next adventure. Whether you’re taking a hike or going for a bike ride, Komoot’s app works to help you plan and navigate your journey. No matter how challenging an adventure you want to set out on, or how remote the location, Komoot will make sure you get there and back again. Their advanced planning tools and intuitive navigation are perfect for the most memorable excursions.

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