10 Best Things To Do In Kashmir: You Must Experience Once

A few places are traveled, a few are investigated, and a few are lived. But Kashmir must be felt. Its magnificence and appeal will be carved into your memory for a long time. To see the most excellent of this paradise on soil, be that as it may, you must not visit and stay. Every year millions of sightseers visit the Kashmir valley to appreciate their summer excursions, winter excursions, vacation trips, and numerous sorts of excursions! But most of them worried about what to do amid the Kashmir trip. You must do things – all of the foremost astonishing things to do in Kashmir – you must attempt them. That’s the way to see what these astounding valleys have tucked in their bushel of goodness. The piece records 10 must-have encounters in Kashmir counting best things to do in Kashmir, best experience exercises to do in Kashmir, and otherworldly exercises to do in Kashmir tour packages. The list offers the total data for almost all these exercises, conjointly giving you sufficient grain to arrange your occasion in Kashmir.

Skiing in Gulmarg

One of the most popular activities in Gulmarg during winter, adventure lovers should try skiing here. It stands on a snow-capped peak surrounded by lush coniferous forests. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you soar quickly over the snow cover covering the valley. Apharwat Peak is one of the best places to enjoy this activity. You can rent ski equipment from the state ski shops here.
There are also experienced instructors from whom you can learn the sport. January and February are the best months for skiing in Gulmarg because there is a lot of snow there. You can drive or rent a private camp to reach the base of Apharwat Peak.

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

The best summer trek in India is without a doubt the Kashmir Great Lakes Trek. It continues to be the most well-known and coveted. The trip offers a magnificent setting unlike any other hikes and is full of variety. The valley’s lush meadows and eight blue mountain lakes provide for a lovely setting. It offers the most alpine lakes of any journey. It is also known as the Seven Lakes of Kashmir Trek.
This trip has earned fame for its seven alpine lakes and is now appropriately known as the 7 Lakes of Kashmir trip because of the abundance of alpine lakes that can be seen along the way. The trek lasts for seven days in total, with a moderate to steep incline. The greatest time to do it is in the summer, and it is closed in the winter.

Shikara Ride in Dal Lake

The Shikar ride is the most famous in Kashmir. It is a unique boat ride in the famous Dal Lake and Green Lake in Srinagar. The tourists throng and love the Shikara ride. The ride in the breathtaking waters of Dal Lake and Nigeen Lake is quite scenic. You will have the range of Zabarwan mountains in the background. This ride has been famous here for centuries and every tourist who sets foot here rides in Shikara at least once. It has a gorgeous vibe and romantic aura. The ride gives you a serene feel of the breathtaking landscape and the calm waters of the lakes.

Gulmarg Gondola ride

The most crucial thing is to engage in adventurous activities in Gulmarg throughout the winter. It is the world’s second-largest Cable Gondola ride. It offers 600 individuals an exciting experience each hour. It offers breathtaking views of the Pir Panjal Range, Nanda Devi, and LOC.

The Gulmarg Gondola is divided into two parts.

From the Gulmarg resort, a cable ride heads towards Kongdoori Station, taking about 1500 passengers up to a height of 3000 meters where skiing is possible. From Kongdoori Mountain to Apharwat Peak, the following part begins. you can take a stroll to the mountain’s summit, where you can see the Control line.

Pony Ride in Pahalgam

One of the best ways to experience Kashmir’s breathtaking landscape and mountain roads is by riding a pony. It would be amazing to ride across Kashmir’s twisting roads and gentle inclines. Kashmir has an abundance of horses that are easily rented. If you need help finding a horse for touring, contact the hotel travel helpdesk. If you’re hiking in Kashmir, you can use horses to carry your backpack and other gear up to the mountains. The Pahalgam region of Kashmir is known for its high-quality riding horses. Riding a pony in Kashmir is an experience you will undoubtedly enjoy while seeing this lovely land

Snowboarding in Gulmarg

Gulmarg The best experience of a lifetime is snowboarding. Enjoy the surreal thrill of snowboarding in Gulmarg’s greatest snow. As you descend from the higher regions of its slope, the magnificence of Gulmarg mesmerizes you. Enjoy this Olympic sport here in Gulmarg since it is a part of the Winter Olympics. You have a wonderful sense of paradise as the snow falls around you. The trail’s surrounding mountain peaks provide an amazing perspective.
The majority of your strong bones and muscles are used when snowboarding. To practice it, you must be physically fit and have endurance.

Rafting on Lidder River

The northern part of the Lidder River is where the current flows fastest, creating swimming pools and rapids, and is where adventure businesses and organizations organize Lidder rafting trips. Since the number of these companies is not very large, tourists should remember to book all flights before traveling, especially during the tourist season. Adventure enthusiasts will experience Class II to IV rafting rapids on the Lidder Pahalgam River. But you don’t need to worry.
On every rafting trip on the Pahalgam Lidder River, expert guides accompany pleasure seekers, steering the boat and providing assistance in bad conditions. Easy communication with the tour guide ensures that tourists do not have to go the hard way when they are not sure which way to choose based on their convenience.

Camping in Kashmir Valley

Another of the risky things to do in Kashmir is to camp in the Kashmiri hills if you’re not pleased with trekking and want to make the adventure more exciting. If you don’t want to stay in a luxurious hotel, camping is a fantastic alternative. However, tourists often regard camping as one of the most spirited activities to do in Kashmir. Some of the best camping locations include Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Manasbal Lake, Pahalgam, Aru Valley, and Chandanwari since they are so near to nature.

Taste The Kashmiri Delicacies

Savoring delicious Kashmiri foods is the best thing to do in Kashmir, even if you are not a food specialist. Kashmiri cuisine has a distinct flavor and perfume that makes it difficult for visitors to resist. The delicious specialties of rasta, Tabak maaz, rogan josh, and many other dishes are included in the lavish delights of Wazwan and Kashmiri dinners.
The food is served in Kashmiri on a large copper platter called a tram, which has steamed rice on it as well as different kinds of meat such as mithi, kebab, Tabakh Maaz, chicken, and Danish. The tram is divided into four portions, with each serving four people. It will be nice to sample the dum aloo, chuk wangan, zaffran pulao, and other delicious wazwan-style dishes during a Kashmiri Pandit wedding. Your taste senses will be mesmerized by the meals’ richness of style.

Houseboat Stay on Nigeen Lake

About Ningen Lake Apart from luxury hotels and resorts in Kashmir Valley, you can enjoy staying in Kashmir Houseboats. Built-in the beautiful Kashmiri style, these houseboats often feature luxurious bedrooms, separate dining and living areas, and balconies with distant views of the lake and snow-capped mountains. Many houseboats have roofs for relaxing evenings. Some even have gardens. It offers guests some of the most stunning views and luxurious amenities. They are very nice houseboats. These houseboats are tied to the lake instead of floating on it like in Kerala.

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