Can you take an escorted tour on a budget?

Escorted tours are a brilliant way to explore a new region with the support of a knowledgeable guide and the convenience of a carefully planned itinerary. Unfortunately, they tend to be more expensive than self-guided tours. If you’d love to take an escorted tour but you’re working with a tight budget, check out these three money-saving tips.

1. Choose a tour with a large group

Usually, the smaller and more intimate a tour is, the more expensive it is per person. A great way to save money is to opt for a tour with a large group. If you’re a sociable person, being part of a big group gives you the opportunity to make lots of new friends and meet new people, which is something that 66% of travellers want to do when they take a vacation. Tour operators usually state the size of the group in the tour’s travel information so you can know what to expect before you book.

If you have a group of friends or family members interested in touring with you, you might be able to secure a discount when you book together. Be sure to speak directly with your operator during the booking process to ensure that you’re getting the best price they can offer.

2. Look for tour operators that waive single traveller supplements

If you’re planning a solo trip, it’s likely you’ve come across the phrase “single supplement” when searching for tours. This is an additional charge for single tourers on top of the per-person fee to cover the additional accommodation costs. Hotels typically charge on a per-room basis rather than a per-person basis, and escorted tours are usually priced based on two people sharing hotel rooms. If a hotel room is only occupied by one person, an additional charge is applied to make up the entire cost of the room.

Luckily, in some cases, you’ll be able to find a package without a single supplement, where operators are able to secure single-occupancy rooms in hotels. Look out for these to save money. Alternatively, look for tours designed specifically for solo travellers which pair up like-minded people to share rooms. This is a great option if you love making new friends and are happy to share with a fellow adventurer.

3. Be flexible on your destination

If you don’t have a specific destination in mind, you can save money on an escorted tour by simply shopping for the most affordable destination. Air travel is one of the most expensive parts of an escorted tour, so look for a destination that’s close to home to save money on flights.

Flexibility can also help you secure affordable last-minute trips. Tour operators want their tours to be booked to capacity and sometimes they offer last-minute discounts to maximize their numbers. If you’re less concerned with where you go and are more interested in having a fun travel experience, it’s worth shopping around to find affordable deals.

Find your affordable escorted tour

If you’re prepared to do your research and shop around for the right tour operator, it’s possible to secure an affordable escorted tour and have an incredible travel experience on a budget.

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