Bahubali Hill Udaipur – A short hike to the Heaven!!

enjoying the views of Bahubali Hill

How many of you are familiar with the word “Baahubali” and its phenomenal “Mahishmati anthem”. This period drama undoubtedly was successful in leaving an imprint on the minds of masses and continues to do so.  Well, the place I visited near my hometown Udaipur was no less touched by the epic Baahubali craze. Looking at the giant structure of the mountain, I instantly understand why they must have named the Hill as “Bahubali Hills”. The hill is very much a beautiful and relatively small replica of the giant mountain we see in the movie. 

the trek route of bahubali Hill

The trek route of Bahubali Hill

Located around 15 kms from the city centre of Udaipur, Bahualli hills stands tall on the not so famous Badi Lake. Recently the place has gained a lot of popularity amongst the Udaipurites and the tourists. Especially, the place has become hotspot amongst those who are looking for pre-wedding shoots. The 360° views of the Badi Lake with Aravalli range in the backdrop is so soothing to eyes.

For a city known for its lavish palaces, royal hotels, heritage buildings, and extravagant weddings, Bahubali hill reminds the city is not far behind when it comes to natural beauty. A visit to this magical hill will ensure that your profile picture needs an update with that lovely selfie, Haha !! So how do you get to this astonishing beauty?

Astonishing Bahubali Hill view

How to reach Bahubali Hill from Udaipur City

The Bahubill hill stands tall at one of the extreme ends of Badi lake which is around 6 Kms from the famous Fateh Sagar Lake. There are two routes to reach the top of Bahuballi Hill, one which goes from Barda village(older route) and other which is recently constructed just next to a bridge.

On the Gmaps, put Bahubali Hill and once you are near to that region, look for a board where its written Nathavato Ka Guda. Once you take a left from there, you will see a stone where it is written Bahubali Hills Parking. If still in doubts, it’s always best to ask the locals nearby. There is ample space for parking and charges are INR 10.  Board from where take left for Bahubali hill Parking

Board from where take a left for Bahubali hill Parking

Reaching Bahubali hills using public transport is not an option unless you hitchhike. Also, taking Ola and Uber isn’t a good option as it would be hard to get a return cab. So either you can negotiate with the Cab driver directly or take an auto (should charge somewhere around 300-500 INR including waiting time). 

How to reach Bahubali hills from Udaipur

The two options that I would highly recommend is to either take a cycle on rent from Fathesagar Lake (round trip 10-12 kms) or rent a motorbike. The route from Fathesagar to Badi Lake is scenic and you will love riding on the curvy roads especially near to Badi Lake. For renting a cycle you may also check PEDL by Zoomcar and MYBYK. For bike rentals read bike rental services in Udaipur.

Bahubali Trek route

Trek route and difficulty Level of Bahubali Trek

It is a very short hike and I would rate it as a very easy trek and would highly recommend it to everyone. Even you can not categorize it as a trek as it hardly takes around 10-20 minutes to reach the top. The views all along the trek route are splendid as you get to see marvellous views of Badi lake with Aravalli Hills in the vicinity. The Trail is well marked so chances of getting lost are almost nill.

Bahubali Hill Trail

Bahubali Hill trail

My journey to Bahubali Hills

With Udaipur being my hometown, I have been to Bahuballi Hills a couple of times. The place is quite close to my heart and I have spent hours sitting at the top of this hill just gazing at the Badi lake and the nearby mountains. A trek to Bahubali hills is what you should not miss on your trip to Udaipur.

Bahubali Hill with Dad

One with Dad

I wanted to capture the place in my new GoPro camera, so I along with my dad started from home around 5:30 am. The place is generally crowded as it has gained huge popularity in recent times. So if you are one who looks to avoid the crowd, I will highly recommend you to visit it very early morning. Also if you can visit the place on a weekday, you will find comparatively fewer people than weekends. You can have the whole place to yourself and get a perfect capture.

En route to Bahubali Hill

Enroute to Bahubali Hills from Udaipur

We parked our bike at the parking just next to the new trek route which has recently been developed by the village. The feeling of walking on the trail with marvellous views of Badi Lake is a moment to cheer about. The trail isn’t much steep, and within no time we found ourselves at the top.

Bahubali Trek start point and car bike parking

Bahubali Hills Trek start point and car/bike parking

At the top, there is a small tea stall where you can get basic eateries. Further ahead of the stall lies the viewpoint which is the most talked about. The views from this point will leave you flabbergasted. There are various points to capture the nearby region with different angles, so make sure you explore it to fullest. Sunset views from the hill are spectacular as well.

Me admiring Bahubali Hill views

One thing I felt bad is that huge trash has started to pile up all along the hill and it is increasing with every passing day. Even I have seen broken liquor bottles. How can one even think of throwing garbage at this magical place? Isn’t it a stupidity!! I myself have collected trash from this hill a couple of times. It’s a humble request to everyone to please avoid throwing thrash. Please!!! 

surrounding views from Bahubali Hill

After capturing the place on the GoPro, we started with the descend and within no time we were at the base. If you have more time with you, I would highly recommend exploring Badi lake.  Also, if you are trekking enthusiastic, just look out for Hill Top widespread point on Gmaps. The point is on a hill just adjacent to Badi Lake main parking. It provides a great view of the lake. The route isn’t marked properly, you will have to find your own way. 

from Hill Top widespread point near Bahubali Hill badi lake

From Hill Top widespread point near Badi lake

After exploring the other mountain as well, we returned home. Unlike Mr Bahubali I wasn’t in search of the blue butterfly but rather an adventure, and guess I only end up getting more.

the splendid bahubali Hill

Best time to visit Bahuballi Hill

The best time to visit Bahubali Hills is definitely the monsoon months of July to September as the whole region is lush green and the views are spectacular. In the other season, the views aren’t bad either as the adjacent mountains are covered with Yellowish grass. The place is such a gem, whatever season you visit it, I am sure you will be left mesmerized.

Me enroute to Bahubali Hill top

If you are looking to explore more of Udaipur, you may check out my post My very own Heaven – Udaipur ♥. If you have any questions,  feel free to mail me at [email protected]. I would love to listen to your experience of visiting this place in the comment section below. Happy travelling, stay safe!!!

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