Daman – A Glimpse of Portugal Heritage (INR 700 -1 day)

sunset daman one day trip

To go out with the setting sun on an empty beach is to truly embrace your solitude. Daman, the destination much unheard has everything for you to spend some peaceful and amazing days. Located on the west coast of India, it boasts of an enthralling landscape that is blessed with the generosity of nature’s wealth. It is a part of one of the union territories of India, known as Daman and Diu and is located near Gujarat.

The first Portuguese Captain Diogo de Mello on his way to Ormuz met with a violent cyclone and found himself on the Daman coast. The town was a Portuguese enclave for more than four centuries till the close of the colonial rule in 1961 and as a result, has a lot of Portuguese architecture and cultural influence.

The town might not have all the facilities that a tourist destination ought to have, but the serenity in the air and freshness in the rising sun would make you fall in love with this place.

3 sunset daman one day trip

Jampore Beach

How to reach Daman 

The cheapest way to reach Daman is to take a train to Vapi (located around 12 km away) and then a bus/auto to reach the town. It lies on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad route of the Western railway and is about 170 km from Mumbai and 90 km from Surat. Almost all Delhi-Mumbai and Mumbai-Ahmedabad bound trains halt at Vapi station. Visit IRCTC for train bookings.

how to reach daman

Best time to visit Daman 

Union territory of India, Daman experiences a moderate temperature all throughout the year. Though the place can be visited all through the year, the best time to visit Daman is from October to February. It is the perfect season as the weather remains pleasant during this time and it makes you explore the place in the best way.

Stay Options in Daman 

There are various resort options near Devka beach which provide comfortable stays with in-house restaurants, beach view rooms, swimming pools and spa options. Budget hotels can be found near the market area in Nani Daman.

Fort entrance gate daman one day trip

Fort entrance gate

Most of you might think that Daman and Diu constitute a single place or are nearby but that’s not the case. Administratively, they constitute a Union Territory. But in terms of geography, they are two distinct coastal enclaves separated by about 700 km. Daman is located in the Gulf of Khambat while Diu is located in Gujarat’s Kathiawad coast. Currently, there is no ferry service between the two.

kids playing daman one day trip

Jampore Beach

Daman Ganga River divides Daman into two distinct areas – Moti Daman and Nani Daman. As soon as you enter the town, you come across the fort area which is Moti Daman. The architecture and color of the houses depict the Portuguese style of construction.

Old tree Daman one day trip

Very old tree

2 sunset daman one day trip

Jampore Beach

There are various churches in Daman and Basilica of Bom Jesus church is most popular among them. This church dates back to 1603 AD. The main feature of the church is it’s painted and gilt wooden altar and pulpit. It’s modest architecture and intricate carvings often leave visitors spellbound.

Basilica of Bom Jesus church Daman one day trip

Basilica of Bom Jesus church

1 Basilica of Bom Jesus church Daman one day trip

Interior of  Basilica of Bom Jesus church

As a coastal town, the town is gifted with beaches that have their own charm and distinct characteristics. There are 2 beaches in Daman – Jampore Beach and Devka Beach.

1 daman one day trip

Fishing Jetty

daman one day trip

Jampore Beach

Jampore Beach has golden sands and is often less crowded. You will find many shacks and various beach activities at Jampore beach. The shacks offer great seafood and cheap liquor. 

1 sunset daman India day trip

Jampore Beach

Jampore Beach daman one day trip

Jampore Beach

As Gujarat is a dry state, visitors from the state of Gujarat frequently visit the town due to the easy and cheap availability of alcohol in order to quench their thirst. Beer flows at every corner and one can see the young crowd absolutely going crazy.

on way to Devka beach daman India one day trip

Devka Beach

As soon as you cross the bridge over the Daman Ganga river, statue of Saint Jerome welcomes you to Nani Daman. Nani Daman’s fishing jetty is a picturesque hangout. Devka beach is well not so kind of beach due to its rocky terrain and black colored sand but there are various stay options nearby.

Sunset at Devka beach daman India one day trip

Sunset at Devka Beach

Walking the roads of Daman is a sheer delight if you have an eye for history and quaint old buildings. The town is still unexplored by many tourists that make it an unspoiled, peaceful yet sensational place to be. With complete freedom of drinking, celebrating and partying all time, Daman has a lot to offer. 

Expenditure- INR 700 (From Pune to Pune)

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