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Devkund waterfall in october

I went to Devkund waterfall Trek in July, when the monsoon is generally at its peak, and oh boy! I was mesmerized to the apex. I had moved to Pune in monsoon and the city’s texture in the season was what had primarily induced love for the city in me. I always crave for beautiful monsoon experiences near-by Pune and this one was an important tick off my bucket list.

River at Devkund Trek

Kundalika river as seen on Devkund Waterfall trek

Devkund is located near Bhira in Raigad district. Dev means god, and Kund means a reservoir, the place is till date so true to its name. It is a confluence of three waterfalls and is said to be the origin of Kundalika river. Devkund has recently gained popularity and finally, I could go there this year. It is a substantial plunge waterfall, where the water from a high prominence, directly drops down without touching the rocks. The sound of the fall is therapeutic and the water is pristine and crystal clear. The place is magic- unspoiled and pure.

Devkund Waterfall trek route

Devkund Waterfall trek route

It would be very unfair if I keep on glorifying the waterfall and not the journey that leads to it. The trek starts from Bhira village and it takes about 2 to 3 hours to reach the waterfall. The trek is easy and very picturesque. There is a lake in the initial trail patch- Bhira lake, with a hut on the side. My first reaction to the sight was that I want to live my life here!!! Though my reaction was spurious, did not last long and I actually didn’t stay, I wasn’t disappointed at all.

jungle crossing on Devkund Trek

The trek route passes through dense jungle

The trek got more and more pleasing as the count of my steps increased. It was only green wherever I could see (such a rare sight when you live in a populated city), on my right were mountains with numerous tiny waterfalls, and adding to the fine experience, it was raining.

Cloudy at Devkund Trek

The Kundalika river

At Devkund Waterfall trek

The trek route

Then moving ahead, we had to cross the river a few times. The increased water flow was making it difficult but it was so worth it. At a glance, I was seeing clouds, big fresh green mountains and river flowing parallel. It was heavenly. The trek is mostly through the forest with a few ascends towards the end, which is not very difficult and very rewarding when you finally get to see the waterfall, which you were hearing since a while.

wooden bridge at Devkund Waterfall trek

The wooden bridge crossing on Devkund waterfall trek

Once I reached Devkund Waterfall, I couldn’t contain myself from getting immersed in the reservoir completely. This is what you do when you get access to nature in its such pure form.

The excitement of making it to the Devkund Waterfall

The excitement of making it to the Devkund Waterfall

Devkund waterfall Pond

At Devkund Waterfall

Thanks to Abhishek and his venture onacheaptrip that has aided me to have such a great experience. The trek was managed so nicely and we did not face any glitch or hassle at all. Transport, guide and food arrangements were on time and smooth, which is such a relief during travelling. I am really looking forward to doing more treks with him in future

The organizer abhishek meditating at Devkund Waterfall

The organizer – Abhishek

How to reach Devkund Waterfall:

Devkund Waterfall is around 100 kilometres from Pune. There is no direct transport available to reach Devkund Waterfall from Pune. You will have to change buses at Khopoli and Pali to reach Bhira Village which is the base village of Devkund Waterfall Trek. From Mumbai, one can get down at Karjat, and take a bus to Pali and then change bus to reach Bhira. Remember, frequency of buses from Pali to Bhira is quite low.

How to reach Devkund Waterfall from Pune

From Pune, if you are travelling by your own transport, you can take the scenic Tamhini Ghat road route. Just put in Devkund waterfall Trek Start Point on Gmaps to reach the exact location from where the trek begins. To identify the start point, look for Bhira Dam or Tata Power Plant. Take left from the Power Plant to enter the village. There are some food stalls in the village, and the end of it is a small parking and the starting point of the trail.

River crossing at Devkund Waterfall trek

River crossing at Devkund Waterfall trek

Amazing scenes at Devkund trek

Difficulty level of Devkund Waterfall trek

I would rate Devkund Waterfall trek as an easy to medium level trek in terms of difficulty. The trek length is approximately 10 kilometres in total. Generally, it takes around 5-6  hours to complete the trek. The trail is well marked and the terrain is mostly flat with a few ascends towards the end. If you are a beginner in trekking, this trek is a perfect fit for you.

Devkund Waterall Trek Route

Devkund Waterfall Trek Route

Best time to visit Devkund Waterfall Trek

This waterfall can be enjoyed at its best during the monsoon. The amount of water in the stream depends completely on rainfall. Generally, the waterfall has a good flow until mid-October. Depending on the weather conditions, the waterfall is closed for visitors when it gets risky.

Enjoying at rivers which comes enroute to Devkund Waterfall

Enjoying at rivers which comes enroute to Devkund Waterfall

There were reported cases of deaths and since then, it has become mandatory to have a local villager as a guide in monsoon who charges Rs. 50/- per person. It is advisable to contact the villagers beforehand to know the situation. Also, even at other times, it is safer to have a guide along.

Devkund Waterfall

Devkund Waterfall

We set out from Pune at the first hour in the morning so that we reach our destination at the earliest. As the waterfall is gaining popularity with time, it tends to get crowded as time passes. I would recommend you to start early to have a larger probability of having the waterfall to yourself.

The group of 40 trekkers at Devkund Waterfall trek

The entire group

Food and stay options at Devkund Waterfall trek

You can enjoy the local food in the base village of Bhira. We did our breakfast and Lunch at Shelar Mama Niwas. The food was delicious and I would highly recommend them. Also, there are small stalls all along the way where you can get the basic refreshments.

Shelar Mama Bhira Village

Shelar Mama Bhira Village

For stay option, you can enquire at the base village as few villagers provide homestays and lodging facilities. Also, you can pitch your own tent at flat spaces or near the Bhira Dam.

Bhira Dam as seen from Devkund Waterfall trek

Bhira Dam

If you have more days with you and looking forward to doing another trek in the region, you can check out the Andharban jungle Trek which also begins from Bhira Village.

Me at Devkund waterfall trek

Me at Devkund waterfall trek

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