Jog Falls Karnataka – As you’ve never seen it before

lovely Jog Falls Karnataka

Jog Falls Karnataka, an adventure not to be missed under any circumstances. Believe me, to experience and get closer to the real wonder of nature and one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the planet, you need to put on your adventure gears and sail to the heart of the mighty Jog Falls.

pouring waterfall Jog Falls Karnataka

Jog Falls Karnataka

A drape of white water came over the dark rocks, scattering in the air and at the bottom of it, crystalline waters batter the black rocks as if it were being poured from a giant bucket that never purged. Listen to the crash of the water. Contemplate the breathtaking landscapes; soak up every drop of this powerful mist on your “Travel to the fall” boat trip to see the force of nature, beautiful and brutal both.

Karnataka Jog Falls

Jog Falls close view 

Jog Falls is the second-highest plunge waterfall in India falling from a height of around 253 meters(after Nohkalikai falls Cherrapunji). This fall originates from the meeting point of four cascades known as Raja, Rani, Rover, and Rocket.

How to reach Jog Falls Karnataka?

The least expensive and an ideal approach to reach Jog Falls are by means of railways. Talaguppa is the closest railway station and lies at a distance of around 13 kms from Jog Falls. From just outside the Talaguppa railway station, you will get a bus to reach the fall (20 INR).

Talaguppa station can be reached from nearby Shimoga railway station. Shimoga station is well connected to Bangalore and Mysore via train. If coming from other parts of India, you can catch a train till Hubballi as it is connected to major Indian cities via railways. From Hubballi, Shimoga can be reached easily be taking a road transport bus. For train bookings visit IRCTC.

How to reach Jog Falls Karnataka

I am attaching the details of train plying between Shimoga and Talaguppa station. Also, regular buses operate from Shimoga Town directly to Jog Falls.

trains between shimoga to Talaguppa

Getting around Jog Falls Karnataka

There are different viewpoints from where you can catch this astounding magnificence. There is a viewpoint close to the parking area (near Hotel Mayura Gerusoppa) which also has few shops nearby. It is the most popular viewpoint.

You can likewise stroll down to the base of the Jog falls by making the strides (around 1400 steps) which go down to the base of the falls. There is an encased banned territory at the base past which you can’t go. The view is astounding from the base and the showering sizzles of the falls at the base are truly justified regardless of the exertion.

steps to reach base of Jog Falls Karnataka

Staircase leading to the base of Jog Falls Karnataka

Another viewpoint is close to the British Bungalow which is around 30-40 min stroll from the above viewpoint. This viewpoint is the starting point from where the falls fall into the valley. The view from here is stunning. I would recommend not missing watching the waterfall from here.

Jog falls viewpoints

My journey to Jog Falls Karnataka

On my 4 days’ trip to explore few places in the region of Karnataka, I had clubbed my visit to Badami and Dodda mane with Jog Falls. An outing to Jog Falls can moreover be clubbed with the nearby by Hampi, Udupi, Chickmagaluru, Murudeshwar, and Gokarna.

monkey at Jog Falls karnataka

Subsequent to spending an extraordinary time at the caves of Badami, I left for Jog falls. I took a bus from Badami to Hubballi (INR 109) and another bus from Hubballi to reach Shimoga (INR 209). On reaching Shimoga, I took a train for Talaguppa (INR 50) and then another bus from Talaguppa (INR 20) to reach the lovely Jog Falls. The entry fees for Jog Falls are INR 5 for Indian Nationals and INR 50 for foreign nationals.

Beautiful Jog falls Karnataka

Beautiful Jog Falls Karnataka

Wow!!What a beauty!! The initial couple of words I expressed on observing the magnificent Jog Falls. Every one of the endeavors I made to reach here was proved right at first sight of the falls.

Jog Falls is made by the Sharavathi River, which descends in form of 4 distinct falls, Raja, Rani, Rover, and Rocket. Raja pours continuously in one stream to the base, which is encountered by the Roarer in the midway. The Rocket is so called because of its trajectory. The most elegant of all is the Rani because of the fascinating spray; it looks like a sheet of froth.

Breathtaking Jog Falls Karnataka

View from the base of Jog Falls Karnataka 

To get more view of the falls, I went to the base of fall. The descent is a long one, involving approx. 1400 stairs. View from the base of the fall was exceptional. On your way back, you would require great fitness level. The staircase course is just open from 9 AM to 4 PM.

1500 steps to reach base of Jog Falls Karnataka

1400 Stairs Jog falls Karnataka

Beside from the viewpoints, there is an unexplored area on the back side. The view of the valley from here helped me to remember valley sees in Tosh, Himachal with two mountains alongside each other and a river gushing in the valley.

Best time to visit Jog Falls Karnataka    

The best time to visit Jog Falls is in the monsoon season from August to October as there is no assurance that the falls will have water after that. The condition can be foggy so often in monsoon, so plan accordingly.

At the point when the water of the neighboring dams is discharged, the falls stream at a brute force getting blended to each other, forming a formidable curtain of white. The dam gates are mostly opened on 15th August on occasion of Independence Day of India.

Jog falls karnataka side view

Jog falls close view

Where to eat?

You can pick to eat at “Mayura Gerusoppa which is operated by KSTDC. The charges are nominal and the taste is quite good.

Additionally close to the parking area, there are many shops where you can try the local food.

Far view Jog Falls Karnataka

Jog Falls Karnataka

Places to stay near Jog Falls Karnataka

For those looking to spend the night in the proximity of the falls, you can stay at Hotel Mayura Gerusoppa which is operated by KSTDC. The rate for Non AC double Room (4 people) is INR 1950 and for dormitory is INR 300 per bed. Staying in the dormitory can be a good budget option.

Jog falls Karnataka close view

Pic from start point of Jog Falls Karnataka

Truly speaking, the natural art of this masterpiece place is so scenic and spellbind that it can give one a feeling that God seriously took some extra time while painting such a wonder.

Opposite view Jog Falls Karnataka

So, don’t forget to gift your soul a bountiful of memories that will cherish you for life. Take photographs of the Jog falls from various standpoints and enjoy the surrounding natural charm and seize them forever for your sweet souvenir.

me at Jog Falls Karnataka

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