Railing Plateau – A great camping option near Pune/Mumbai

Sky completely covered with stars at Rai-Ling Plateau

Abhi, have you been to Pawna Lake or Bhandardara lake for camping? “Naah, I haven’t been!! To be honest, these are too touristy for me and I don’t feel like doing the camping over there”!!! Are you the one who have the same thoughts? Are you the one who is looking to camp somewhere high in the Sahyadris where you can have the entire place for yourself? If yes, you are on the right tab. Have you heard about Railing Plateau?

The tent at Rai-Ling Plateau

Solo camping at Railing Plateau

Situated in the Mahad Taluka of Raigad District, and located some 80 kms from Pune lies this place called Railing plateau. The plateau is not known to many people and remains one of the very few unexplored plateaus in Maharashtra. Railing Plateau is one of the great options to camp high up in the Sahyadris. Non-trekkers, don’t be disappointed by hearing the word high up in the mountains, as you don’t need to trek much to reach this plateau.

Me at Rai-Ling Plateau with Lingana in background

At Railing Plateau with Lingana in background

Fire flakes at Rai-Ling Plateau

The Railing plateau provides stunning views of the Raigad Fort and Lingana Fort and so is the name. The plateau in itself is very beautiful and especially in the monsoon season when it becomes lush green. Also, just after the monsoons, the entire plateau is covered with flowers and undoubtedly you can call it a plateau of flowers.

beautiful Sunrise as seen from Rai-Ling Plateau

Beautiful sunrise as seen from Railing Plateau

Travel Talks at Rai-Ling Plateau

Travel Talks at Railing Plateau

Note: The photos being put in the entire post is taken from the multiple trips that I have been to Railing Plateau.

How to reach Railing Plateau from Pune/Mumbai

Railing plateau is located around 80 kms from Pune and 220 kms from Mumbai. Mohari is the base village of Railing Plateau. Sadly, there is no public transport available to reach Mohari Village. Though one can take a bus from Pune going toward Velhe – Madhe ghat and get down at the point from where the road diverts for Singapur – Mohari Village. From this point, Mohari village is around 8 kms and one would have to walk the entire way.

How to reach Railing plateau from Pune

The best option is to take/hire transport from Pune and explore the Railing Plateau on a road trip. Also, the views all along the route are amazing. The last stretch of road to reach Mohari Village is in bad condition, so make sure your driving skills are good enough. Just put in Lingana Parking on Gmaps to reach the exact location.

Road that leads to Mohari Village

The road that leads to Mohari Village

Trek Route and difficulty level of the trek

You can hardly call it a trek. Just a walk of around 30-40 minutes on almost a flat terrain will take you to the plateau. The trail is well marked on the GMaps by name Boratyachi Nal Trail, so make sure you follow the same.  Downloading the offline maps before starting the journey can be of great help. The cellular network is available at the plateau.

Rai-Ling Plateau trek route

Railing Plateau trek route

My journey to Railing Plateau

After back to back weekends of organizing treks near Pune, I was badly looking for some solo time out in the mountains. With Christmas Holiday falling in mid-week, I thought there couldn’t have been a better time for me to get that solo time. I was looking for some place where I don’t have to trek much in order to set up my tent high up in the hills.

road trip Rai-Ling Plateau (1)

Road trip to Railing Plateau

My eyes glued to an Instagram post on Railing Plateau and I was fascinated by the pictures of the place. There wasn’t much information about the plateau over the internet but what I could make out was that it will be a short hike to reach the plateau from the base village and I can set up my tents over there.

Star Trails at Lingana Fort

Star Trails at Lingana Fort

A tent, sleeping bag, torch, power bank, water bottles, mobile charger and a few snacks is what all I packed up for this trip and left from Pune around 1 pm. I was well aware of the route up-to Velhe which is the base village of Torna Fort trek. From Velhe, you take the road going towards Madhe Ghat Waterfall. After around half an hour drive from Velhe, one needs to take the diversion for Singapur Road.

Singapur-Mohari Road

Singapur-Mohari Road

The group at Rai-Ling Plateau

Few of the photos in this post are taken by @Sukhi

The road from this diversion up-to Mohari village isn’t in great condition. Make sure you drive carefully. Mohari village is a small village with hardly 8-10 houses. From the parking at Mohari village, one needs to follow the Boratyachi Nal Trail(check Gmaps), the same trail which takes you to Lingana base as well. The trail passes through a mix of jungle and flat plateaus.

breathtaking views ar Rai-Ling Plateau

Breathtaking views at Railing Plateau

creative photo at Rai-Ling Plateau

Creative photo taken by Sukhi at Railing Plateau

As I was about to reach the Railing plateau, I got the view of the mighty Lingana Fort, a dream trek of every Maharashtrian trekker. I couldn’t resist myself from running towards the plateau, I was so desperate to see it as quickly as possible.

Enjoying sunset at Rai-Ling Plateau

Enjoying the sunset at Railing Plateau

Camping at Rai-Ling Plateau

The moment I reached the plateau, I was speechless. I was stunned to see the mighty Lingana in-front of me. I couldn’t set off my eyes from the Lingana Fort for the next few minutes. I was like figuring out the trail of this stand-alone mountain so that I can climb it right away.

Exploring Rai-Ling Plateau

Exploring Railing Plateau

It was cloudy on that particular day, so there were no chances of sunset views. I decided to set up my tent in the daylight and explore the plateau thereafter. I was extremely loving my solo time out in the mountain. There was absolutely no one, I had the entire plateau to myself.

Sunrise hues as seen from tent

Sunrise hues as seen from the tent

Many of you ask me that don’t I get scared of camping all alone where there is absolutely no one. “Mountains are home to me, so why would I be scared at my home :)?”Lol!!!

On way to Lingana Fort base from Rai-Ling Plateau

On way to Lingana Fort base from Rai-Ling Plateau

Camping option Rai-Ling Plateau

It went absolutely dark at around 7 pm. I could hear the rain droplets falling on my tent. Yes, it was raining!! “Merry Christmas”!! The monsoons this year has been crazy.  After it stopped raining, I sat outside my tent, had the snacks which I had brought and was enjoying the views of the nearby region.

Camping under stars at Rai-Ling Plateau

Camping under stars at Rai-Ling Plateau

Next day I left early as it was a working day. I couldn’t enjoy the views of the sunrise as the clouds had the last laugh. I decided to give the place a visit very soon. With all the lovely memories, I left for Pune.

Camping solo at Rai-Ling Plateau

Camping solo at Rai-Ling

Enjoying the sunrise from Rai-Ling Plateau

Enjoying the sunrise from Rai-Ling

2 weeks later, I organized a trip to this place again. We were blessed with some amazing view of sunrise and sunset. Also, that particular night the sky was clear, and we could see millions of stars. Let the photos do the justice of what we experienced.

A night at Rai-Ling Plateau

Camping at Rai-Ling Plateau

onacheaptrip organized event to Rai-Ling Plateau

Onacheaptrip organized an event to Rai-Ling Plateau

If you have time, I would highly recommend you to go for a short hike from Railing Plateau to the base of Lingana Fort. Just follow the Gmaps to know the exact trek route. It takes around 1 hour from the Plateau to reach the base of Lingana Fort.

At Lingana Fort Base

At Lingana Fort Base

Local girl at Mohari village

Local girl at Mohari village

Stay and food options at Rai-Ling Plateau

One would need to carry a tent which can be pitched anywhere on the plateau. If you don’t have a tent with you, you can try to get a home-stay at Mohari village. You may contact Shivaji Pote (9822648349,8149991004) who lives in Mohari and is also the Sarpanch of the village

Enjoying dinner at Rai-Ling Plateau

Enjoying dinner at Rai-Ling

Villagers at Mohari village do provide the local food. Trying out the local food can be an experience in itself. Make sure you carry a few snacks and water bottles with you.

House at Mohari Village

House at Mohari Village

Best time to visit Rai-Ling Plateau

The best time to visit Rai-Ling Plateau is just after the monsoon months of August-September. It is the time when the surroundings are lush green and flowers start to bloom on the plateau. Also, you get the great views of the nearby region. Monsoon season is also a good time to visit, but reaching here can be more challenging as the road conditions deteriorate further in the monsoon season.

Sunrise scenes from Rai-Ling Plateau

Sunrise scenes from Rai-Ling Plateau

At Mohari village parking

At Mohari village parking

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