Rajmachi Fort Trek, adventurous one day trip (INR 350)

Rajmachi fort view

Are you sad because you don’t have leaves left for a long trip? Are you looking for a place where you can experience most of nature’s gifts in just a one day trip? If yes, Rajmachi Fort trek is waiting for you. A trek which blesses you with lush green mountains, numerous waterfalls, deep valleys, beautiful fort, amazing trails, flowing river, vast plateaus, village life, water reservoir and much more.

Rajmachi Fort Trek

Rajmachi Fort 

A bit risky option on the Rajmachi Fort trek

A bit risky option on Rajmachi Fort Trek

Rajmachi fort trek , a historical fort amidst the rugged hills of Sahyadri is a popular destination for nature lovers, travellers, and trekkers. I did this trek in the last monsoon season, but the memories are still so fresh.

Rajmachi Fort Trek Route

Rajmachi Fort Trek

How to reach Rajmachi fort from Mumbai and Pune

Rajmachi Fort lies somewhere in the mid of Mumbai Pune route. Mumbai and Pune are well connected to major Indian cities via railways and roadways.

From Mumbai, one can catch a train going towards Pune and get down at Karjat. From Shree Ram Bridge, Karjat catch a shared Auto (Tum –Tum) (INR40) to reach Kondhane village. You can start the trek from this village. On the way, you can also see the beautiful Kondhane Caves.

Note: This is the longer route to reach Rajmachi and trek can take easily around 3-4 hours (one way), but the views all along the way are breathtaking.

How to reach Rajmachi Fort Trek from Mumbai

From Pune, one can catch a local train to reach Lonavala. From Lonavala, there are 2 routes to reach Udhewadi (base village of Rajmachi fort). Lonavala – Kunhe village – Della adventure Park – Udhewadi and Lonavala – Tungarli – Nandgaon – Udhewadi are the two routes.

One can drive all the way to the base village Udhewadi except in the monsoon season as the road conditions are very bad. Most of the vehicles can go only up-to Fanasrai, from where Udhewadi is another 6.2 kms. Shared taxis are available for Fanasrai from Lonavala railway station in the monsoon season(100-120 INR per person). From Fanasrai, it would take around 2 hours to reach the base village.

Note: Take the Della adventure park route if you are riding by yourself as it is better when compared to Tungarli road route.

How to reach Rajmachi Fort Trek from pune

Difficulty level of Rajmachi Fort Trek

I would rate Rajmachi Fort Trek as a medium level trek. If you are a beginner, I would suggest you start the trek from base village Udhewadi(if your vehicle can reach till there). Experienced trekkers can start trekking from Kondhane caves or Tungarli Lake. The trail from the base village is clearly marked and it generally takes around one hour to reach the top. Also, there are many shelters all along the trail, which helps to catch your breath. If you are doing the trek in monsoon, just be extra cautious as the route becomes little slippery.

Waterfall as seen from the fort

Views on Rajmachi Fort trek

Huge waterfall at Rajmachi Fort Trek

Huge waterfall as seen on Rajmachi Fort Trek

My journey to Rajmachi Fort

I rarely visit a place again, but the beauty of Rajmachi Fort Trek brought me here twice in a span of 3 months. Previously, I visited the place in the summer season and looking at the route, I knew I was definitely coming back here in the coming monsoon season.

The Great Wall on Rajmachi Fort Trek

The Great Wall on Rajmachi Fort Trek

Along with a friend, I started for Rajmachi Fort from Pune around 5:00 AM. We took the Lonavala – Tungarli – Nandgaon – Udhewadi route. Owing to the monsoon, somewhere near the Tungarli Lake, the road was in very bad condition. So we decided to park our bike and trek all the way till Rajmachi.

Muddy Routes on the way

Rajmachi Fort Trek route

Our decision to do Rajmachi Fort trek was justified, as we were blessed with breathtaking views all along the way. There are numerous small waterfalls on the route till Rajmachi, taking a bath in those waterfalls was really amazing. It re-energizes you to move forward.

Breathtaking view Rajmachi Fort trek

Rajmachi Fort Trek 

There are small food joints on the way to erase your hunger. Having tea and pakora in that surroundings would definitely make a memory for a lifetime. After walking for around 2 ½ hours, we made it to the base village.

river on route Rajmachi fort

River in route to Rajmachi Fort 

It generally takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour to reach the top of the fort, including few pit stops along the way. The beautiful and lush green surroundings reminded me of what I miss in modern concrete cities. The view of the lush green western Ghat from the top is incredible.


Breathtaking views on Rajmachi Fort trek

Lush green surroundings as seen on Rajmachi Fort trek

Breathtaking scenes as seen on Rajmachi Fort Trek

Places to see at Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort has two fortified peaks, Shrivardhan and Manaranjan, with a wide plateau separating the two peaks. Also, the fort has few temples, water reservoir, caves, ramparts and the ruins of fortification. The structure at the top may not delight you, but yes the journey to reach the top is really amazing.

Fort from base

Rajmachi Fort

Shirota Lake

On my third visit to Rajmachi, I got to know about this beautiful lake (thanks to zoom in function in Gmaps) which is just a few kilometers away from the base village Udhewadi. Finding the route of this lake is a tough task, but after few efforts, I finally made it to the Shirota Lake. Search for Valvand village road fork on Gmaps, and once you reach that fork, take the right road. After few meters on that road, there would a road going uphill on the right-hand side. From there, walk towards the lake using blue dot(your location) on GPS.

How to reach Shirota Lake from Udhewadi base Village-min

Shirota lake on Rajmachi Fort trek route

Shirota Lake on Rajmachi Fort trek

Fireflies at Rajmachi Fort trek

Most of you might have seen the fireflies.  But have you ever seen them in large numbers in a small area? If not, here is an opportunity!! On the way to Rajmachi Fort, in the last few days of May and the first few days of June, one can see fireflies which are concentrated to a few trees. Watching them glowing together on a small tree, I felt as if it was a Christmas tree where some has put on the twinkling lights. Below click is not at all doing justice to what I saw in reality.

Note:- I did the night trek to Rajmachi on 2nd June 2018, it was very humid, which is said to be the perfect condition to spot fireflies.

Fireflies on Rajmachi Fort Trek

Fireflies as seen on Rajmachi Fort trek 

If you visiting Rajmachi in the monsoon season and have a extra day or two in hand, don’t miss doing the Kataldhar waterfall Trek which lies in the same region. The waterfall trek will leave you stunned. You can read details of the same on my post:  Kataldhar Waterfall Trek – A journey through the dense forest.

Me at Kataldhar Waterfall

Me at Kataldhar Waterfall

Stay and food options at Rajmachi Fort

Generally, no one stays overnight at the fort as it can be covered on a day trip from Mumbai or Pune. If you are looking for camping, you can pitch a tent at the Kal Bhairavnath Temple which is near to the base of the fort. Tents are available for rent if you don’t have one. The locals also offer home-stays; you can stay at their home if you are not comfortable camping.

Old man at fort

Local selling lemon drink to earn his living 

The tent that I carry during the treks is Quechua Arpenaz 2 Tent. It has enough space for 2 people.

If you are too tired to come down to the base village, you can take shelter in the cave. Setting up tents at the top would be difficult due to high-speed winds, which prevail almost for the entire day.

trekkers cleaning the way Rajmachi Fort Trek

Trails being cleaned by the trekkers

The locals can cook food for you if informed in advance. I would suggest you taste the Pithla Bhakri – a traditional Maharashtra food. The Pithla has a semi-solid consistency. It is made from chickpea flour and is eaten with Bhakri.

waterfall and amazing landscape

Waterfall seen from top of fort

There are many options of fort treks in Maharashtra. If you are looking for some other option, you can check my previous post on Tikona Fort and Torna Fort.

view from the fort

Amazing view from Rajmachi Fort top

To believe that whatever I am talking about Rajmachi Fort trek is not an exaggeration but the reality, you need to plan a trip soon to this amazing gift of nature.

onacheaptrip to Rajmachi Fort

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52 thoughts on “Rajmachi Fort Trek, adventurous one day trip (INR 350)

  1. Hi Abhishek..great write up… Just wanted to know how much time does it usually take to trek from Kondane village to Rajmachi fort?

  2. Hello Abhishek,
    Your blog posts are really appreciated.
    I read your both write-up on Rajmachi and Rajgad fort. I am planning for a trip in December 1st week. If I have only 1 day to spend, which one I should prefer during this time period – Rajmachi or Rajgad?
    Thanks in advance for your suggestion.

  3. if i start my trip around 7 am by ola cab from badlapur then after all treking time , on what time i will be return back at badlapur
    Please reply the whole timing when i will be return back??

  4. From where rajmashi trek is near we are planning to trek we r from Mumbai so tell us how we can plan one day trek

  5. Hi Abhishek,
    After reading your blog planning for a Rajmachi Trek with my family in July or August. Till which point can I go with my own four wheeler? From there what is the trek distance to the fort?
    I am planning a day trip. What will be a good time to leave Pune ?

    1. Hey Jai, that’s great to hear!!You can probably take the 4 wheeler upto half way from there you would need to walk for 3-4 kms to reach the base village. Plan to leave Pune by 6 am or so if you can.

  6. Thank you for sharing all such amazing experiences.
    nice write-up and Awesome pictures.
    will definitely share with my friends about this blog..
    we are planning for a one day trip to Rajmachi fort.we can reach to lonavala railway station by morning 9:00AM
    Please help us out how can we reach the base village from station and to start our trek?
    what would be the cost generally?
    awaiting for your reply.

    thanking you,

    1. From Lonavala station, you do get shared taxis sometimes for the base village. If you don’t get the same, you can take the auto up to the point till where the roads are good. Cost per person would be around 100/person for the taxi/Auto.

  7. Hello Abhishek,
    The explanation which you have given about your trek was excellent. I planned a trip to lonavala in july, I would be staying there for 3N 4D. Would you please help me to plan my 3 days lonavala trip .what all the places can I visit in that 3N 4N .

  8. Excellent description of your trek here!! Really found almost all the information and the pictures I was looking for. Just one question though… can I reach Udhewadi village on a bike if I start from Pune at around 10am? July month :).. Is the road motorable for a bike?

    1. Thank you Gopal. It all depends on the rain . But you will probably be able to make it to Udhewadi village on bike if you go till 10th July or near about.

  9. Hey,
    me and my friends are planning to visit rajmachi from hyderabad so could you please let me know how to reach to the place.

  10. Hello, the description is very amazing. Me and my frnds ka planning to go for rajmachi-fort-trek so can uh please guide me about coming back to Mumbai how is the transportation mode for the same day

    1. Thank you so much Nikita. From the trek, if you aren’t tired. you can walk all the way to Della adventure park from where you can hire auto for Lonavala station. From the station, you can take any train plying towards Mumbai Other option is to trek till Kondhane village from where you can opt for shared Tum-Tum. The auto will drop you at Jataka from where you can catch any train for Mumbai.Hope that helps. Happy Journey 🙂

  11. Wow what a detailed description !!
    I’m planning to do 2 two trek+camping in lonavala region in January. Which two would you recommend? Rajmachi (camp at shirota or bhairavnath) / Lohagad (camping at Pawna) / Tung / Tikona … there are too many options that I see

      1. Thanks Abhishek! I want to pick one more camping site as I’ll be there for 2 nights. What would you suggest apart from Shirota?

  12. Hey …thanks for the detail info…
    We are planning for Rajmachi in 1st week of November. In your pics I can see many waterfalls..etc but that was during monsoon…..Would we be able to see any waterfall or water streams in between route to base village from Lonavala Railway Station so that we can get some relax from heat..

    1. Hey Rehan, thank you so much for your appreciation!! All the waterfalls on the trek route from Lonavala to Rajamachi are seasonal and by November 1st week all would have already dried up. A day before yesterday, surprisingly it rained here in Pune, and if you are lucky enough it may even rain in Rajmachi region in November. But the chances are very little!!! I would suggest you to start the trek a bit early in order to avoid excessive heat!! Happy journey 🙂

  13. Thank you for sharing all details of your amazing experience. We are group of 5 peoples planning to visit Rajmachi on 13th Oct. We are plaaning to reach at Udhewadi base village on 12th oct at night and stay there overnight. We are visiting here for the first time so i have few questions to ask. I Just wanted to know whether i can stay on fort overnight? Also we are planning to descending via Karjat. So is it a safe path for descending? How much time it will take?

    1. There are as such no stay option at the fort. You can pitch in a tent over there. I would suggest you to stay at the base village overnight and trek to the top at early morning. Yes the Karjat route is pretty good for the descend. It will take around 2-3 hours for the descend.

  14. Hello abhishek,
    My friends and I were planning to trek on Oct 7,as a one day trek,do we need a guide or is it safe to trek without one,where do we need to park the car? We wanted to get back before 4pm

    1. Hey Ravi, that’s great to hear.that you are planning to go for the Rajmachi Fort trek. You don’t need a guide at all, you can do it all by yourself. Most probably you will be able to take the car all the way to the base village Udhewadi as the monsoon have almost gone. Otherwise, you can drive as far as you could and park anywhere on the roadside. It’s absolutely safe over there so there won’t be any issue at all. You can start your day early (6 am) and you will be easily back by 4 pm. If you still have any doubts, please let me know. Happy journey!! Cheers 🙂

  15. Hello everyone.
    We are group of friends planning to trek rajmachi fort.
    Few of us from Mumbai and few from pune.
    So can you suggest a spot for gathering to start trek and path. We don’t have bike or car. Anyone knows please guide.

    1. Both of the groups can catch a train to Lonavala station. From Lonavala, hire an auto and ask him to drop you till Della adventure park. From there you can trek all the way to Rajmachi. Remember its a long trek so start early from Mumbai- Pune.

  16. Nice writeup. Can you please help me on best way for one day trek from Mumbai? We will be visiting in first week of August.

    1. Hey Raj, from Mumbai, you can catch a train going towards Pune and get down at Karjat. From Shree Ram Bridge, Karjat catch a shared Auto (Tum –Tum) (INR40) to reach Kondhane village. You can start the trek from this village. This is the longer route to reach Rajmachi and trek can take easily around 3-4 hours (one way), but the views all along the way are breathtaking.
      You can also get down at Lonavala station, catch an auto for Della adventure park( 5 kms) and start your trek from there. The trail is well marked and you will find a lot of trekkers all along the way.

  17. Hi, I am planning to go alone for one day trek to Rajmachi. Is it safe to travel along? Also guide where i can park my car safely?

    1. Hey Aakash, no issues at all. It’s absolutely safe!! There is a bridge to the point where the cars go easily. You can park over there, you will find many other vehicles parked over there. Happy traveling 🙂

  18. Hello Abhishek, That seems like an amazing experience. We are planning on a trek in the next few weeks. We will be coming from Pune but are experienced trekkers. From your post, the Tungarli Lake sounds like a good start point. Can we park our car there? Also can you share a route map from Tungarli Lake to the fort? We would want to camp at the Fort or the temple through the night. What time we need to start from Pune to be able to reach there on time?

    1. Hey Nirajan, yeah it was an amazing experience. I would suggest you take the Della adventure park route, and take the car as far as you can. You might have to stop at a point where the roads would be in pretty bad condition. You can park your car anywhere there, no safety issues!! I have already shared route on the post. You can just use Gmaps and type in Udhewadi and follow the directions. Also, there will be a lot of trekkers over there, so you may find the route easily. You can start from Pune by 10:00 am, reach Della adventure around 1:00 pm and go little more ahead. From there you would reach the base by 4-5 pm. Let me know if you have more doubts.

      1. Thanks that was helpful. By parking at Della adventure, Would it take 3 hours to the base? From the base I am assuming it will take only about 2 hrs to climb to the top? The constraint is that i can leave Pune only after 2. Is the route dangerous after sunset?

        1. Yes it would take around 3 hours to reach the base from Della adventure and route is mostly flat. From the base, it would take around 1-1.5 hours to reach the top . If you start from Pune around 2, you will be at Della adventure by 3:30 -4 pm. So you can reach the base by 7 pm. No worries, I recently did a night trek to catch views of fireflies at Rajmachi, I started from pune around 12 pm. So don’t worry its pretty safe!!

  19. Thank you for sharing alll details of amazing experience. I am planning to go to Lonavala in Feb. What time would be best to reach there? Would we be able to see everything like this if we reach there after 11am

    1. Thanks for reading!! The post is on Rajmachi Fort which is near to Lonavala. The pics I have taken are of Monsoon season so you won’t be experiencing the lush green surroundings and foggy weather as in pics. Also till 11 am the weather would be hot so it’s better to reach little late. You can enjoy the view of the sunset from this fort.

  20. Nice write-up. Have been following all your write-ups and have to say they are very informative. The pictures are the icing on the cake!

  21. Yes Abhishek it was surely a lifetime experience for me. The nature at its best and can’t be described better than this with the breathtaking photographs. Waiting for your next post as badly was waiting for this.

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