6 Ways to Make Traveling Cheaper

6 Ways to Make Traveling Cheaper

Who says traveling has to be expensive? There are various ways to save money on your journeys, and many people are already doing that around the world. You just need to plan your trips carefully and follow these tips:

  1. Use Travel Credit Cards

Rather than carrying cash, you should use travel credit cards whenever possible. This is because travel cards make traveling cheaper and convenient as you get perks like cashback and discounts with select hotels, restaurants, and airlines. You also don’t need to carry a lot of cash with you everywhere which makes payments easier.   That said, when you are comparing the top travel credit cards in India, then you should look for things like annual fees, miles you earn per Rupee spent, etc.

  1. Earn Money on the Trip

Did you know that you can earn money even when traveling? You can take on freelance projects, play games like poker and slots on a good online casino, or take quality photos during the trip so that you can sell them on platforms like Shutterstock or Etsy for money, etc. You can use your earnings to lower your travel expenses and make the trip cheaper.

  1. Stay at Hostels and Dorms

One of the best travel hacks for traveling in Europe and other countries that you will learn is staying at hostels and dorms rather than fancy hotels and resorts. Don’t get the wrong idea- there are many hostels that are pocket-friendly but also offer some of the best views of your location. The decent hostels also offer basic amenities like free Wi-Fi, hot water, etc. You just need to compare the options at the location you are visiting.

  1. Cook at Home

If possible, find a place to stay where you can have access to a kitchen- whether it’s a dorm or someone’s place you found on Airbnb. That way, you can bring your own vegetables and other ingredients to cook delicious and homely meals for yourself and friends/family.

  1. Book Tickets in Advance

If you are traveling via a plane, then you can save a lot of money by booking your seats well in advance (preferably a few months earlier). This is because the tickets tend to get more expensive when they are booked for just a few days ahead. You can save even more by comparing flights online.

  1. Use Coupons

Rather than paying for food, cabs, hostels, etc. in cash, pay online and look for coupons/discounts. You can find many of these for select establishments and save a ton of money on your trip.

So, there you have it- some of the most amazing ways to save money on your journey. These won’t affect the quality of your trip but you will definitely get to save more money which you can use for your other trips.

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