Should I name the unnamed waterfall as Valvand Waterfall?

Valvand Waterfall

“As long as I live, I’ll hear waterfalls and birds and winds sing”. Monsoon is at peak here in Pune; the countless waterfalls in the region are back to life and are roaring in full flow. Few of these waterfall like Devkund waterfall, Umbrella Waterfall, Thoseghar Waterfall, Madhe Ghat Waterfall are extremely popular and are brimming with tourists. But, there are still many waterfalls which are equally beautiful and yet to be explored or named. One I would love to add to the list of the unexplored waterfall is Valvand Waterfall!!

Breathtaking scenes at Rajmachi Valvand route

Rajmachi Valvand Route

Heavy rains on Rajmachi Route

Heavy rains on Rajmachi Route

Whenever I see a waterfall at a distance, I keep on wondering if I can actually make it to the base of that waterfall. Sometimes I am able to make it and sometimes I am not but I never regret😊. Trust me, I have been to dozens of secret waterfalls in and around Pune. I never wrote about them as I always wanted them to be hidden!! But I couldn’t resist myself from writing about this beautiful waterfall what I am calling as Valvand Waterfall.

(PS: Maybe it will help to grow some tourism at Valvand Village and help the locals to earn a bit)

Numerous waterfall on Valvand waterfall route

Numerous waterfall on Valvand waterfall route

Waterfall enroute to Valvand Village

How to reach Valvand Waterfall

Valvand Village lies somewhere in the mid of Mumbai Pune route. It is on the same route of the popular Rajmachi Fort Trek. Mumbai and Pune are well connected to major Indian cities via railways and roadways.

From Pune/Mumbai, one can catch a local train to reach Lonavala. From Lonavala, you can take an auto up to Della Adventure Park or Fanasrai depending on road conditions. Also, shared jeeps are available for these locations from Lonavala station (mainly in monsoon season).

Note: The road routes are in very bad conditions especially in the monsoon season, so it’s better to trek after Della adventure Park rather than riding.

From Fanasrai, you walk or ride for 1.4 kms until you reach Valvand village road fork. The left one goes to Udhewadi (Rajmachi base village) and the right one goes to Valvand.

How to reach Valvand Waterfall from Pune Lonavala

My journey to Valvand Waterfall

From the past few years, I was mostly doing one-day treks near Pune. I always wanted to test myself by doing tough range treks of 2 to 3 days in the Sahyadris region. My brother always insisted me to do the famous Lobhi trek (Lonavala to Bhimashankar trek). The Lobhi trek is one of the ancient trek routes in Sahyadris where one covers a total distance of approx. 75 kms in a span of 2 to 3 days depending on an individual’s fitness level.

Valvand Village region

Valvand Village region

Lush green Sahyadris

Lush green Sahyadris

Finally, in the last monsoon (July 18), I along with a few of my friends decided to give it a go. I wasn’t aware of the trek path, I just knew the village names that we needed to pass by to make it to Bhimashankar from Lonavala. We took a local train from Pune and reached Lonavala around 6:30 am.  From there we took an auto (INR 150), which dropped us to the Della adventure park, as the road ahead was in very bad condition. We decided to begin the trek from Della adventure itself.

Local train to reach Lonavala

Local train to reach Lonavala

The route from Della all the way up to Valvand village road fork is the same as that of Rajmachi Fort trek. It’s a muddy road, there are so many waterfalls all along the way and the views of lush green Sahyadris covered with clouds and fog is just stunning. It was raining quite heavily on that particular day and thus all the waterfalls were in full flow. I had a bath in one of them and absolutely loved every bit of it.

Muddy road to reach Valvand Village

Muddy road to reach Valvand Village

After walking for 6.6 kms (1.5 hours), we reached the point (fork), where the road divides into two. Left goes to Rajmachi and the right one goes to Valvand Village. We followed the right side route and after walking for around half an hour or so, we made it to the Valvand village. It’s a small village with just a few houses. We asked an old lady there for the route for Kondeshwar temple which was our planned night stop and she guided us with the same.

Valvand Village

Valvand Village

Old lady who guided as the route to Valvand Waterfall

The old lady who guided as the route to Valvand Waterfall

We followed the route besides Bharat Electronics power plant going towards the hill. After climbing the small hill, you will see a water canal. Walk by the side of this canal until the point you reach a staircase and look at the opposite side. Woohoo!! Congratulations you have made it to one of the most beautiful, hidden and unexplored waterfalls in the Sahyadri region.

Tunnel near to Valvand Waterfall

Water canal

We were left flabbergasted by the beauty of this waterfall. I just sat by the staircase and kept looking at this nature’s beauty. Also, I couldn’t resist myself from taking a bath at this waterfall. But be careful in the peak monsoon season as the water flow is tremendous. After admiring the beauty of this waterfall we decided to continue our journey ahead.

Beautiful valvand Waterfall

Beautiful Valvand Waterfall

We climbed a small hill and reached a vast plateau. The visibility was almost zero and it was raining buckets. We lost the trail further ahead and reached a point where there was deep valley beneath. Ohh!! We were lost in the jungles!! We tried our best to find the correct trail but heavy rains and foggy conditions didn’t allow us to. All the trails were hidden under newly grown bushes. Finally, we decided to return back.

Dense jungle ahead of Valvand Village

Dense jungle ahead of Valvand Village

It was the first time in my life I decided to quit a trek in middle, but that is how it had to be. I didn’t want to risk my and others life. In the end, nature is the ultimate winner!! We returned back and again sat by the waterfall as we had enough time before we make it to Lonavala.

Begining the Valvand Waterfall trek

Food and stay options in Valvand village

Valvand is a very small village, but you can still ask the villagers to make food for you. Also, remember to carry a few eatables and enough of drinking water along with you.

For stay, you can set up your tent at the Valvand village. I highly doubt if they provide stay option at the village, you can stay at the nearby Udhewadi village which has a good number of accommodation options.

cloudy on Rajmachi valvand route

Best time to visit Valvand Waterfall

The waterfall is not a perennial waterfall hence the best time to visit the same is in the monsoon months of July and September. The waterfall is totally dependent on rainfall, so make sure you visit the same on rainy days.

Friends at Valvand waterfall trek

Friends who joined me on this trek

Dense forest cover on Rajmachi Valvad route

Dense forest cover on Rajmachi Valvand route

Though I couldn’t complete the Lobhi Trek, I don’t regret it. The cold breeze, muddy trails, foggy weather, the beautiful song of a flowing waterfall, heavy rains, lush green Sahyadris and the plenty of species of all types of birds, butterflies, and flowers are enough to make memories that will last for a lifetime! I am surely coming back to do this trek!!

Onacheaptrip at Valvand Waterfall

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