A cycle trip to Lavasa city from Pune (INR 100)

Lavasa city near Pune

From last few months, it is getting tougher for me to find a weekend gateway near Pune as I have visited almost all the popular ones. So, I was wondering how would I spend the upcoming weekends. Revisiting a place could be an option but can be boring sometimes. But, what if we change the mode of transport to revisit the place? It can possibly make the journey interesting. A year ago when I visited Lavasa city on the motorbike, in the entire journey I dreamed of cycling to this place in the near future.

onacheaptrip cycle lavasa city

Lavasa city entrance gate

With almost a month rest from my cycling and running schedule (due to an injury while trekking to Devkund Waterfall); I decided it was the perfect time to fulfil the year ago dream. A dream to cycle to Lavasa city from Pune!!!

Temghar Dam

Temghar Dam near Lavasa City

Lavasa city, situated approximately 50 kms from Pune, is a private city with architecture resembling the Italian Town Portofino. The city is nestled amidst the beautiful Sahyadri mountains all around and is a perfect weekend gateway especially for the couples and family.

lush green surroundings near Lavasa City

Lavasa city view from entrance gate area

How to reach Lavasa City from Pune

Lavasa city can be visited on a day trip from Pune. Direct MSRTC buses are available for Lavasa city from Swargate Bus Stand (Timings: 6:00 AM, 07.45 AM, 11:00 AM,14:00 PM, 15:00 PM). Pune is well connected to major Indian cities via railways. For train bookings visit IRCTC.
I would suggest you rent a bike from Pune (around 300 INR/per day) to explore the Lavasa city as the road journey is simply breathtaking.
If you want to be more adventurous, try cycling in this place like I did . But let me tell you, with an altitude gain of almost 2000 meters, it is one of the toughest route to cycle nearby Pune.

How to reach Lavasa from Mumbai Pune

Getting around Lavasa city

A place can be best explored by walking! All places of interest being at a walkable distance make it particularly possible to explore the Lavasa city by strolling. It would take something like 3-4 hours to explore all the places of interest.

Lavasa International Convention Centre

Lavasa International Convention Centre

My journey to Lavasa City from Pune

Will I be able to cycle until Lavasa? A question that pondered over my mind a dozen times before I finally started the journey from Pune around 4 AM. Being a solo ride, I needed to be extra cautious as I was taking the village route (Pirangaut route) with almost no streetlights.

Breathtaking view at Lavasa city

Varasgaon Dam

The whole route is nearly Ghat area free from the city crowd and pollution. If you are travelling in monsoon, you may experience misty conditions and numerous waterfalls all along the way. There are lots of spots on the way where you can take pit stops and bless yourself with the beauty of nature. Remember the cycle ride is very tough due to the constant elevation gain.

Lavasa City

Breathtaking view of Lavasa City

On the way, you will come across Temghar Dam. The road passes extremely close to the dam gate and a small bridge is constructed above the flowing water. Sprinkles of water can be felt here if the dam gates are opened. You can take a little halt here to catch up the breath as the voyage ahead is all uphill.

River at Lavasa City

The beautiful Lavasa City

Temghar Dam Lavasa CityA steep road takes you to the top level of the dam from where you can actually observe the backwater of Temghar dam. The view of the dam is really outstanding. You come across more sharp and uphill turns ahead, so be extra cautious while driving.

River near Temghar Dam

River near Temghar Dam

After driving through the sharp turns, you finally reach the top of the hill where you will find the entry gate of Lavasa city. The entry fees for car and bike is INR 500 and INR 200 respectively. For the cycle, it’s free?. From the entry gate, the main town is around 10 kms and the route is mostly downhill.

Temghar Dam near Lavasa City

It took me around 3:30 hours from Pune to reach Lavasa and around 2 hours to reach back to Pune.

Temghar backwater in route to Lavasa City

Temghar Dam backwater

About the city and things to do

Lavasa city is located around the Dasve Lake and Varasgaon Dam coving an area around 25000 acres. The first thing you notice as you enter the city is how well maintained the surroundings are. Pollution free!! Clean roads!! Proper signboards!! Beautiful Lake!!

Lavasa City view

Lavasa City

Lavasa City

There are designated parking areas, no vehicles are allowed in the main area around the lake. There is a wide footpath where one side you will find many shops and restaurants and a beautiful lake on the other side.

Breathtaking view of Temghar dam near Lavasa City

One can go for a trek nearby, enjoy water sports, take a boat ride, watch a movie, play indoor golf and indulge in the street foot once there in Lavasa city. If you are looking for wedding photography, Lavasa can be a perfect place.

Breathtaking scenes at Lavasa City

Lavasa city as seen from a distance

Beautiful Lavasa City

Wide footpath at Lavasa city

Food options in Lavasa

One can enjoy a proper Marathi meal at any of the numerous dhabas that are located all along the way from Pune to Lavasa. At Temghar dam, you can give a try to delicious sweet corn.

At Lavasa, there are numerous food options. Eat out joints located alongside the footpath (near the Dasve lake) are little expensive. If you are looking for budget options, there are local dhaba type restaurants located at 10 min walk from the footpath area.

Lavasa city view from top

Beautiful Lavasa City

Best time to visit Lavasa city

The climate is wonderful consistently yet the best time to visit Lavasa is from July to February. I would recommend you not to miss a road trip to Lavasa in monsoon as the surroundings are lush green. Cloudy conditions and various waterfalls all along the way add to the enjoyment.

onacheaptrip at Lavasa city

Stay Option at Lavasa City

Accommodations are very expensive here so I would suggest you to stay in Pune and visit Lavasa on a day tour.

Bridge at Lavasa city

Lavasa, a modern-day hill city has a lot to offer to its visitors from the beautiful landscape to an amazingly well-developed infrastructure. Lavasa is ending up being another joint for individuals searching for a little trip far from the rushing about of boisterous city life.

I am planning to cycle to this place again very soon. Are you interested to join me?

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9 thoughts on “A cycle trip to Lavasa city from Pune (INR 100)

  1. I have cycled up to Lavasa (gate) twice. The first time it was harrowing. The second time was a year later and I was very strong, but we faced torrential rains and headwinds when we were barely 2 from the gate and had to turn back. On the way back I climbed the Pirangut slope in one stretch, without stopping for a breather, which is a big thing for me. Two other cyclists crashed on the way back, as their brakes failed on the slope because of the rain. Mine didn’t, but I was dead scared….
    Another year went by, and the third time I attempted Lavasa, my knees were in horrible condition because of a trek I’d been on 3 months ago. I still hadn’t recovered. I turned back 3 kms from the gate. Another 3 months went by, tried it again and made it to the gate. It took me 11 hrs, but I did it. I’m 46 years old and not very fit (spine issues), so I’m quite a slow cyclist.
    I don’t think I will be doing Lavasa for another 2-3 years. I have to strengthen my quads and hips and till then I will work on shorter rides. On my next attempt, I’ll be happy if I do it in 8 hrs.
    My goal is to remain fit and active into my sixties, and since I have spent too many years being sedentary and not taking care of my health, I’m not surprised with my struggles…I just try the best I can.

  2. Hi Abhishek,
    Your blog do really inspire. It really shows that travelling is not a very expensive hobby, if done right.
    Cheers. 🙂

  3. Hi Abhishek, I am working for Infy and now you know how do I reach here.
    Your blogs have been wonderful and you definitely do justice to the name of your website. For one who wants to start backpacking, this is a must visit place. Keep the good work going.

    One thing I would like to clarify here. I dont know when did you do this trip, but now the vehicle entry fee has been revised. For Cars – Rs.500 and Motorcycles – Rs.200 to enter Lavasa city now.

  4. You are such a lively person who dreams about travelling and then make those dreams come true..
    I would like to travel with you once.. 😉 😀

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