Dodda Mane, Agumbe – “Wish I could stay here forever”

Dodda Mane Agumbe

There were tears in my eyes when I was leaving Dodda Mane, tears after so long. Did I watch a sad movie before leaving that place? Or something tragic happened with me there? No. The tears were just due to the sadness of leaving Dodda Mane Agumbe. I don’t know how far I can convince you with the feeling that I got from this place…  So what is it all about?on way to sunset point near Dodda Mane Agumbe

On way to Dodda Mane Agumbe

Dodda Mane is a home stay located in Agumbe Village (Cherrapunji of the South) in Karnataka. I must rather call it as Amma’s House as told by Kasturi Akka (Amma) to do so. She is an old lady who has been taking care of this 150 years old house from quite a few years. It’s the same house where two episodes of the famous television serial “Malgudi Days” were shot.

Foyer Dodda Mane Agumbe

Foyer at Dodda Mane Agumbe

What’s special about this place is that you can stay and dine here for free. Amma doesn’t charge anything for all the services. It’s totally up to you if you want to pay for all the hospitality. She is happy with whatever is being offered to her in affection. The money is used to keep the place running, feed the poor and educate the underprivileged children of the town.Kasturi Akka and me Dodda Mane Agumbe

With Kasturi Akka at Dodda Mane Agumbe

How to reach Dodda Mane Agumbe

Agumbe is around 92 km from Shivamogga and around 60 km from Udupi. Shivamogga and Udupi are well connected to the popular cities like Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, and Hubballi by railways and roadways. I took a KSRTC bus from Shivamogga (INR 90) and it took around 2 hours to reach Agumbe. For train booking check IRCTC.

Dodda Mane is within 2-3 minutes of walking distance from Agumbe bus stand.

How to reach Dodda Mane Agumbe

How to Reach Dodda Mane

My Journey to Dodda Mane

I reached Agumbe somewhere around 7 pm, it had already gone very dark. The streets were almost empty. Also, there were just a few streetlights. The dead silence of the streets can sometimes be horrifying, so it’s always better to reach such small villages before dusk.

Streets near Dodda Mane Agumbe

Road outside Dodda Mane Agumbe

After inquiring a few locals about Dodda Mane, I finally made it to the house. There is no board outside the house. One needs prior booking, as most of the time, Amma’s house runs full. I didn’t have any booking and the house was also full. Kasturi Akka called one of the visiting group and asked them if they were fine with me staying with them in the dorm. They agreed without any hesitation.

School parade Dodda Mane Agumbe

School Parade in Agumbe

Note: There is no online booking system. You can do a prior booking by calling Kasturi Akka at +918181233075/ +919448603343. Kasturi Akka can converse in Marathi, Kannada, English, Hindi, Konkani and few other languages.

Dormitory Dodda Mane Agumbe

Dormitory at Dodda Mane Agumbe

Dodda Mane and the family of Kasturi Amma welcomes thousands of tourist throughout the year. Within few hours of your stay, you are made comfortable and homely. The hospitality offered is very different from the one you would experience in a hotel, hospitality that truly came from the bottom of the heart.  

Herd at Dodda Mane Agumbe

Herd at Dodda Mane Agumbe

The house has few rooms and a big dormitory for tourist to stay. It also has a big foyer, a small temple, a herd and a water well. Toilets/bathrooms are at the back of the house with hot water facility.

Note: Only BSNL mobile network is available in the region. Also there is just a single bank and ATM (Syndicate Bank), so carry enough cash.

Water well Dodda Mane Agumbe

Water well at Dodda Mane Agumbe

Food at Dodda Mane

Delicious!! One of the best and healthiest food I ever had. Kasturi Akka at an age of 68, wakes up at 4:00 am every day, to cook food for her guests. Just heads off to her dedication. All the food is served by the family members with lots of love and affection, just like they are your own family.

Amazing food Dodda Mane Agumbe

Food at Dodda Mane Agumbe

The food is purely organic, thanks to the variety of herbs available in the Agumbe jungles. Instead of plates, the family uses Banana leaves for serving food. Palm leaf plates are also provided at some eat outs. The Kashaya drink served with every meal is made using 30 different herbs.

delicious food Dodda Mane Agumbe

Breakfast at Dodda Mane

Few house rules to note:

  • Eating Non – Vegetarian food is not allowed in the premises.
  • Alcohol or smoking inside the house is strictly prohibited.
  • The house gates are open only from 5 AM to 9 PM.
  • You can eat as much as you want, but no wasting of food is allowed.

jungles near Dodda Mane Agumbe

Agumbe jungles

Places nearby Dodda Mane to see

Sunset Point

From Dodda Mane, Sunset Point can be reached by a gentle walk of around 30 minutes. The walk amidst the dense jungle, is itself a very amazing experience. On a fine evening, the sunset can be seen over the Arabian Sea.

Sunset point Dodda Mane Agumbe

Sunset Point Agumbe

Other places of interest nearby are Nishanigudda, Vanakobbe Falls, Jogigundi Falls, Bharkana Falls, Koodlu Theertha Falls, Seethanadhi Nisargadama.

places to see near Dodda Mane Agumbe

Places to visit near Dodda Mane Agumbe

So if you are looking for staying in a house where famous television serial “Malgudi Days” was shot, if you looking to eat one of the healthiest and delicious food, if you looking for some love and affection from a place, Dodda mane is the place to be at.

Katuri Akka, Her mother and me Dodda Mane Agumbe

In just a day stay I was very attached to the place. I felt like I stayed at my grandmother’s house. Kasturi Akka(Amma), I will be back soon for sure!!!

Award to Dodda Mane Agumbe
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Quechua backpack

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30 thoughts on “Dodda Mane, Agumbe – “Wish I could stay here forever”

  1. Hi Abhishek. So mesmerislly and beautifully narated about agumbe. Exceptionally described about dodda mane home stay. Really awesome to read and want to experience the same. I am from chennai and want to make a short trip (2 days) to agumbe with family. Being a firs time visitor and can you please guide me. 1. Should I call and comfirm about the home stay in advance? 2. How to make the site seeing plan? Should I require a local guide? If required a guide, Where should I hire a guide? Who will help me to see /visit the places in and around Agumbe? 3. How to get permission from Forest department officer for our visit inside the forest? Being a first time visitor, your guidance will help me a lot (to save time, money). If any other informations to be shared with me kindly do so, if I have forget to ask. Look forward your help. Parthasarthi. Chennai.

  2. Hi i need contact number to check availability , which u have provided it is invalided number and another is switch off so please anyone provide number so i can contact them

    1. That are the only numbers I have. Also they are working too..There are always network issues in that region so you can keep trying to call on those numbers.

      1. I have tried but still not connecting so if we go directly can we stay there because we are planning next week

  3. Beautifully crafted article with complete information. Agumbe is not only a tourist destination it also has many interesting facts about it. You can check out the link below

      1. Hi Abhishek, is it possible for us to just have a lunch there. Do we have to call earlier for lunch there?? I’m planning to go there tomorrow.

  4. thanks a lot abhishek, for sharing with us such an memorable experience, I will be obliged, if you, pl. let me know the best season to visit the place.

      1. HI Abhishek ,
        If i visit in Monsoon season is sunset visible? and how do we travel to these tourist spots u have mentioned from DoddaMane, is there a bus or walk able ?

        1. Hey Divya, mostly the sunset wont be visible if you visit in monsoon season. I guess that’s pretty obvious 🙂 Few of the the spots, I mentioned in the post are at walk-able distance like the sunset point and the walk would be pretty good experience. For the rest you would need to hire a local taxi as buses do not ply to such spots. And also you would need permission from forest department to visit the same. Hope that helps!! Happy travelling.

          1. Thanks Abhishek,
            Should I get the permission in advance? Where can I hire the taxi from is nay available from Agumbe bus stop ?

            1. Not needed in advance. For taxi hire, you may try at Agumbe bus stop. If not available over there, ask Kasturi Amma, she might have lots of contacts.

  5. Great blog sir. Happy to see such gems in my native place. I will visit this place when i cross agumbe next time. Keep travelling.

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  7. Blessed to read your blogs.. You bring out emotions as well.. During my next visit to Shimoga, I will definitely visit her.. Such a wonderful soul she is…

  8. Wao what an awesome story and experience Abhishek. I am dumbstruck and amazed by hearing the services offered by Akka from her heart. For sure in my list. Keep posting and keep exploring the incredible India.

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