Hampi, Karnataka – The land with millions of boulders

Sunset monkey temple Hampi Karnataka

“Jumping from boulder to boulder and never falling, with a heavy pack, is easier than it sounds; you just can’t fall when you get into the rhythm of the dance.” – Jack Kerouac. Do you wish to visit a land with millions of boulders? Do you want to jump and dance for hours together? Just be with me till the end of the article, and I will not be surprised if you start dancing in the excitement of going to Hampi Karnataka. Ha-Ha! Not kidding, I am serious!!


View of Hampi Karnataka from Matanga Hill

Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located near Hospet town in the Karnataka state. Even in its most ruined state, Hampi never stops to fascinate the tourists repeatedly. Expansive stretches of boulder-strewn hills form a unique backdrop. There are over 500 monuments spread around the hills and valleys. These include alluring temples, ruins of palaces, royal pavilions, bastions, historical treasures, archaeological relics of aquatic structures & ancient markets. This list is multitudinous. Hampi is a traveler’s bliss.

Green fields Hampi Karnataka

Greenfields in Hampi Karnataka

So how to reach this exciting place in the cheapest way?

Reaching Hampi by train is a great option as it’s not only cheap but also comfortable and convenient. Hospet (13 km from Hampi) is the nearest railhead. There are plenty of overnight trains from Bangalore, Goa, and Hyderabad running several times a week to Hospet. For train bookings, visit IRCTC and for buses check out KSRTC.

Once you are at Hospet, take a sharing auto to reach bus stand (10 INR), and from there you will easily find a bus for Hampi (20 INR). You can also opt for a direct auto from Hospet to Hampi which would cost around 150 INR.

How to reach Hampi Karnataka

Getting around Hampi Karnataka

So what is your fitness level like? Do you think you can walk and ride a bicycle for miles? If yes, bingo! The real pleasure and adventure in exploring Hampi comes riding a bicycle or by walking around. Road conditions are decent. Virtually every single rock has a story behind it, and it can be best heard by walking around them. Buy a map, take a bicycle (100 INR per day) and start exploring all by yourself. It would be a lifetime experience.

Local at Hampi

Local at Hampi Karnataka

Others, who cannot ride cycle for so long, let me help you. You can rent a motorbike (they have moped vehicles) at INR 200 per day. For those who are there just for a day or two in Hampi and want to cover most of the must-see places, there are local autos. The drivers know all the famous destinations and will cover most of them in less time.

River Tungabhadra runs across the town. For crossing the river, you can take a motorboat, which charges 10 INR per person, or a coracle, which can cost up to 40 INR – 50 INR per person. In summers water level is very low, and you can walk across the river on foot.

Tungabhadra river Hampi Karnataka

River Tungabhadra Hampi Karnataka 

My journey to Hampi Karnataka

When I started, I did not know the place would leave me amazed for life. There something magical about Hampi that I just cannot describe in words. We arrived early morning, and the auto driver who dropped us to Hampi suggested we should watch and enjoy the sunrise from Matanga Hill.

The climb to the top is short but steep, but it is all worth it, even if it does mean moving in the dark. Monkeys might accompany you all along the trail eager to grab the water bottles or the snacks you are carrying. With each passing minute, it became brighter as the sun rose and the city got its colors back. I love sunrises, and this place made me fall in love with them even more. I had never seen such beautiful colors and hues in the sky.

Monkey having water at Hampi

Monkey having water at Hampi Karnataka

What made that place more beautiful is the astonishing view of the surroundings from the top. Hill ranges along with abundant huge boulders, the architectural temples, paddy fields alongside tiny villages, a huge river; everything put together represents a hidden gem of the country.

I had just a day for Hampi in my planned itinerary, as I was unaware of what that place had on offer for us. Nevertheless, I decided to cover as much as I possibly could in a day. I knew I would be there again in the near future.

Million boulders Hampi Karnataka

Million boulders at Hampi Karnataka

Must see places at Hampi Karnataka I covered in a day

Most of the tourist attractions in Hampi close by 5 pm. So plan your day accordingly.

Matanga Hill

Matanga Hill is one of the few spots in the world from where you can experience the sunrise and sunset at the same place.

Sunrise with monkey at Hampi Karnataka

Sunrise with monkey at Hampi Karnataka

Viruspaksha Temple

The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is part of the Group of Monuments at Hampi, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Viruspaksha Temple Hampi Karnataka

Viruspaksha Temple Hampi Karnataka

Sanapur Lake

It is a reservoir fed by Tungabhadra Dam canal. The lake is clean, untouched and offers some stunning views.

Sanapur Lake Hampi Karnataka

Sanapur Lake Hampi Karnataka

Krishna Temple

It is known for its elegant carvings and beautiful architectural designs. The temple campus is decorated with pillared halls and small shrines.

Krishna Temple Hampi Karnataka

Krishna Temple Hampi Karnataka


Also called Kamal Mahal or Chitragani Mahal, it is uniquely identified by its Lotus look like structure.

Lotus Temple Hampi Karnataka

Lotus Temple Hampi Karnataka

Stepped Tank

It is constructed using finely finished blocks of black stones and was probably used by the royals for the religious purpose.

Stepped tank Hampi Karnataka

Stepped tank Hampi Karnataka

Vijaya Vittala Temple

It is one of the largest and most famous structures in Hampi. The highlight of the temple is the stone chariot, which is considered the most stunning architecture of the Vijayanagara kingdom.

Stone Chariot Hampi

Stone Chariot Hampi Karnataka

Anjeyanadri Hill 

It is the birthplace of Hanuman, the monkey god of Hindus. Hill offers one of the most amazing views of the sunset in Hampi.

Sunset from Hanuman hill Hampi Karnataka

Sunset from Hanuman Hill Hampi Karnataka

Where to stay and what to eat?

Either you can find cheap accommodation in Hampi Bazaar or cross the river (Virupapuragaddi side) popularly known as Hampi Island. Hampi Bazaar area is near to temples, and it eliminates the need to wait for the boat to cross the river. However, being a backpacker, I would any day prefer staying at Virupapuragaddi side because of its tranquility.

There are many guesthouses and lodges to choose from which provide bamboo hut accommodation with terrace sleeping facility, open-air dining areas, silent music and chilled beer. If you are on a solo trip, then Hampi Island is a great place to meet new people. The Gaon Corner, Mowgli Guesthouse, and Shanthi Guesthouse are the few Guesthouses I would recommend.

For breakfast, you can try Idli and Dosa at a pushcart, which you can find on the way to The Gaon Corner. It was so tasty that I had breakfast twice at a gap of an hour. Mango Tree, Evergreen and Tibetan Kitchen restaurants are the others I would suggest.

Hampi Karnataka

Best Time to visit Hampi:

Best time to visit Hampi is from October to February as the temperature is pleasant throughout the day. You can also visit during the monsoon season, but you have to be careful while walking on the boulders as they become quite slippery. Avoid visiting Hampi in summers, as it is scorching and dry.

onacheaptrip Hampi

Travelers, backpackers, trekkers, climbers, nature and history lovers, devotees – Hampi has something in store for everyone. Hampi has earned a place in my top 10-tourist destination in India that I will be publishing very soon.

Go, and have some ‘You’ time. Hampi is eagerly waiting for you, my dear friend!

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