Lohagad Fort trek – An exciting one day trek near Pune/Mumbai (INR 150)

Scorpion trail at Lohagad Fort near Pune Mumbai

The densely populated cities like Mumbai and Pune are continually clamoring with energy – something that can lead to mental and physical fatigue very rapidly. A weekend break can help to recharge batteries and set you back in the game. The best part is that you don’t need to travel far as there are numerous tourist spots near to these cities. One such option can be visiting Lohagad fort trek.

Walls of Lohagad Fort Near Pune Mumbai

Lohagad Fort walls 

Also known as the Iron Fort, Lohagad fort is one of the many hill forts of Maharashtra standing at an elevation of approx. 1033 meter above sea level. The great Indian Warrior King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj used this fort to keep his treasury.

Lohagadwadi village as seen on Lohagad fort trek

Lohagadwadi base village as seen on  Lohagad Fort trek

Lohagad Fort trek is a standout amongst the most prevalent trek points near Pune/Mumbai followed by Sinhagad, Rajmachi, Torna, Tikona, Rajgad and many more. Unlike other forts, it has stone steps leading right to the top of the fort which makes it easy even for a novice climber. Out of the numerous forts located in the region, I would rate this as one of the most effortless and secure forts to climb.

Sunrise view from Lohagad Fort trek near Pune Mumbai

Sunrise view from Lohagad Fort trek near Pune Mumbai

How to reach Lohagad Fort from Pune/ Mumbai

Lohagad Fort is located around 100 kms from Mumbai and 60 kms from Pune. The cheapest and convenient way to reach the fort is via railways. The nearest railhead to Lohagad Fort is Malavli station (approx. 6 kms) which is connected to Mumbai and Pune via local trains. From Malavli station,  the base of the fort “Lohagadwadi” is about an hour walk. For train bookings visit IRCTC.
What I would suggest is to rent a bike from Pune/Mumbai (around 300 INR/per day). The road trip would add more fun to your entire journey.

How to reach Lohagad fort from Mumbai Pune

My journey to Lohagad Fort trek from Pune

I began for Lohagad from Pune around 4:00 AM. You might be wondering why I started so early? I had been to Lohagad fort twice before this visit but couldn’t experience the sunrise from the fort. From last few weeks, the sunrise and the sunset view have been absolutely magical. I wanted to experience the same from the top of Lohagad fort.

amazing sunrise at Lohagag fort trek near Pune

Sunrise view from top of Lohagad Fort near Pune Mumbai

There are mainly 2 routes to reach Lohagad – Mumbai Pune old Highway and the village route (Paud – Hadasi – Tikona). As I started a bit early, I took the highway route as they are considerably more secure. On reaching Kamshet, check Gmaps or ask a local the route of Pawna lake. Lohagad base village “Lohagadwadi” is in the close-by area to Pawna lake.

Pawna Dam near Lohagad Fort

Pawna Dam on route to Lohagad Fort trek

It takes around 1.5 hours to reach the base of Lohagad from Pune. If you want to avoid the trouble of asking people the exact point where the steps start for the top, just type in Loahgarh Car parking in Gmaps. To reach the top, one needs to climb around 500 steps. It can take something close to 25 minutes to 50 minutes’ contingent upon an individual’s fitness level.

monkey at Lohagad Fort trek near Pune Mumbai

Monkey as seen on  Lohagad Fort  trek near Pune Mumbai

Amid the climb, you will be honored with some extraordinary views of the beautiful Pawna lake and the close-by Visapur Fort. The steps lead right up to the main entrance of the fort – the Ganesh Darwaja which is opened only from 7 AM to 5 PM. Sunrise was expected to be at 7:05 AM so I was desperate to reach the top before that. With a bit of request to the guard, he opened the fort gate 15 minutes early from the designated time.

View of sunrise from Lohagad fort trek near Pune Mumbai

Amazing sunrise at Lohagad Fort near Pune Mumbai

The sunrise view from the top was absolutely majestic and all my endeavors to reach the fort early were justified. The fort is enormous but there is nothing much to see on the top except the encompassing area and the famous Vinchukata – a long and narrow wall-like fortification which resembles a scorpion’s tail. Apart from this, there are few temples and small ponds at the top.

Mahadev Temple at Lohagad fort near Pune Mumbai

Mahadev Temple at Lohagad Fort near Pune Mumbai

Previously when I visited the Lohagad fort trek in monsoon season, the experience was totally different. It was extremely windy at the top and visibility was almost zero. This visit was more about experiencing the sunrise from the top and gazing at the nearby surroundings.

Vinchukata at Lohagad fort trek near Pune Mumbai

Scorpion trail at Lohagad Fort near Pune Mumbai

Food and stay options at Lohagad Fort

Generally, no one stays overnight due to lack of proper accommodation options. Also, the fort can be visited on a day trip from Pune/Mumbai. But if you are planning to stay, there is a village at the base where you will find a few budget options.

There are not much food options on the way to top. But yes you can find eating joints at the base of the fort where the locals serve the Maharashtrian food.

view from Lohagad fort trek near Pune Mumbai

Pawna Dam view from Lohagad Fort trek

On your visit to Lohagad Fort, you could explore the nearby Visapur Fort, Tikona Fort, Pawna Dam, Karla Caves, Bhaja Caves, and Bedse Caves.

onacheaptrip at Lohagad Fort trek near pune mumbai

The tent that I carry during the treks is Quechua Arpenaz 2 Tent. It has enough space for 2 people.

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